drawing on pvc-board,string, various sizes,

Human Nature was an exhibition of site-specific works and installations at various places in and around Colchester (GB).

Artists from UK, France, the Netherlands and Germany were invited

Concept and Organisation by Benjamin Coode-Adams,

Participating Artists:

Gilles Gerbaud (F), Janice Howard (UK), Lisa Pember (UK),JakobRoepke (D), Theo Schepens (NL),  Marc Segal (UK), Eddie Stewart GB), Lucy Taylor (UK), Jamie Thompson (GB), Jaqueline Verhagen (NL), Philippe vincenot (F), Hartmut Wirks (D) and Ben Coode-Adams (UK)

Jakob Roepke:

Installation at Highwoods Country Park,



0049(0)179 7408623

Instagram: jakob roepke berlin

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